Earth To Ned - By Ned Tesic

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Earth To Ned Book - By Ned Tesic

Earth to Ned is the first in the Ned book-series. The book opens with the revelation that hackers have infiltrated all levels of the government along with their computer systems.

Agencies such as NASA have been forced offline and all crews were suspended for fear they may have been compromised. NASA's top-secret space mission was now at risk of failing.

They desperately needed to find someone special to complete an assignment so dangerous and so important that the fate of the world was at stake but time is running out.

Follow our little hero Ned as he battles the sharpest minds and fastest athletes on Earth in a series of whacky contests in a no holds barred battle to the...finish!


Who is this book for?

Adults will giggle at the subtext and kids from 5 or 6 will laugh at the absurd scenarios. 

Sometimes Ned sees or hear's concepts that are hard for a seven-year-old to understand. That's where you come in. Take these opportunities to talk to your kids, listen, explain, teach and learn your way through it...together.


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