Scootaheadz - Timmy T-Rex

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 Scootaheadz - Timmy T-Rex 

Timmy T-Rex is ready to explore your local jungle. He’s strong and fearless. Mud, rain or large tropical bird droppings can do him no harm. Timmy T Rex is easy to clean, so he can always show his big white teeth!

This is how you turn your scooter into your favourite friend: It's as easy as one, two, three

One: Use your fingers to widen the gap of my neck, point my nose upwards & slot me down firmly onto the horizontal bar
(no need to move the handle grips).

Two: Now simply push my nose down and forwards so I attach to the vertical bar. Don't worry, it won't hurt me!

Three: Wheeeee! I'm ready for lots of adventures.

Hot Tips: 

Scootaheadz fit all straight T-bar scooters (like the Micro Scooters), some bikes and trikes. They are easier to attach when at room temperature or even warmer.

If your scooter has any clips on the vertical bar, lower these by loosening the screws and - tadah - you have space to fit me.

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