About Us

Oh, hi there! Welcome! We’re glad you found us. 

We’re Lollipop Kids. We could tell you we’re a Newcastle-based clothing, toy and gift boutique for children, which we are. But we prefer to think of ourselves as The Happy Place For Little People Things. 

Everything you’ll find in store and online is handpicked by our founder, Anna. She’s a mum of 4, so you can feel sure she’s road-tested the goods many times over! It only makes our shelves if it lasts and she loves it. (Lucky she’s got good taste.)

From tiny tots to teenagers and bathtime to bikes, our goal is to help you grab everything you need—in one place—to clothe, care for and entertain your littles.

We have a soft spot for colour, adventure, and Mums brave enough to shop with toddlers in tow. (Our staff moonlight as children’s entertainers, so we’ve got you covered.)

If you want to pop in for a visit, you can now find us in two locations; Kenrick St, The Junction & Beaumont St, Hamilton. 

And you can always shoot us an email or call us, maybe, if you’d like our help with sourcing an item or curating a gift. 

Our customers—from mums, to friends and grandparents—are truly the best. Seeing you support our small business and adoring the unique brands we stock gives us all the feels, so thank you.